BeeOrganic Beginnings

I have kept very close to my heart the “why” on the BeeOrganic name! You alL know I've struggled with health issues, but what you do not know is the other part of the stOry ❤️🐝❤️

What some of you may not know is that one of my dearest friends eVer lost her battle several years ago. I have been pretty quiet about the story because honestly, it still hurt. I miss her everyday! Losing her is the very raw for me and not something anyone ever sees because I hide it well.

When she started her fight, the doctor told her she was like the remarkable bumblebee 🐝 You see bumblebees should not be ablE to fly due to the ratio of their body and wings- yet they do! She fought and she fought hard! One of the strongest and most amazing ladies I have ever known and I was blessed to have her as a best friend ❤️

If you were LuckY enough to have knowN her, you knew she was quick to tell you her thoughts! And boy did she, lol. I can’t couNt the number of times she told to go back to school and finish that medical degree! She told me plenty of times- "you aren’t doing what you are supposed to be doing in life." You need to fix that! Looking back, I can appreciate that. My passion has always been to help others and I wasn’t fulfilling God’s purpose and calling for my life. She was right!! (as she often was!)  So, back to school I went. Doctorate of Naturopathy was the plan and she was a big part of my why!

When thinking of a business name - naturally the word bumblebee had to be included!!  My tribe was also a huge part of coming up with the name and logo. The girls and I were talking and BeeOrganic was the name we chose. Katie immediately went to work on the logo and she delivered our perfect logo design. SB was right there with us 🙂 Randy, of course sitting quietly, was good with whatever we decided! Hence, the name BeeOrganic.

Now we are buzzing all around the area to make our community healthier with God’s ingredients and resources! But do not get me wrong, I am not completely against conventional medicine at all!! If organic options do not work, then absolutely seek other options. But we are ALL about trying it organically first!

For those of you who knew Lynn, you will notice the capitalized letters throughout the first part of this post and what they spell out!

Melannie Oller was in the shop one day and had a vision of what artwork should be on the walls and she NAILED it! The other part of my “why” is represented in her beautiful paintings everyday.  Look around the shop from the chairs you sit in while we chat, to the artwork in the walls - Lynn is throughout the shop!

A good friend once told me, I won’t mention names but she did the paintings 😍 , it is time to tell the story because it will connect so many dots for people as to the rest of your “why”.  Love you Mel!

We are BeeOrganic and this our tribe & we are on a mission!❤️🐝❤️